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Developer.com - A starting point for programmers. DR. Dobb's - Dr. Dobb's Journal is a programmer's magazine.
POGO.COM - A great place to play games and chat! Yahoo Games - Another place to play games and chat.
Pure Linux Stuff
Mandriva - My favorite Linux! (used to be Mandrake) Redhat - What Mandriva was based on.
pidgin - Handles AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN and others via plugins. (was once known as GAIM) XMMS - A cool sound and cd player with spectrum analyzer, equalizer, and other goodies.
SANE - A project to get scanner support for Linux. GPHOTO - A project to give Linux digital camera support.
free(code): - A place to get the latest versions of Linux software. (was Freshmeat.net) The Linux Game Tome: - A place to get the latest versions of Linux software.
Linux.org - A nice Linux group site. Linux Journal - A nice magazine that turned pure digital.
SourceForge - A meeting place for Linux programmers. RPMfind.Net - A searchable sorted collection of RPM files.
Cyanogen(mod) - Tired of ancient Android versions on your phone? This will fix that problem. Google App Store - The best place for Android apps. (They should really fix their search feature though!)
My Stuff
Polaroid Digital 320 (and 640SE) Linux support project My webcam-redirect-howto for those of you without a static IP address
My projects and accomplishments My resume

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